вторник, 4 декабря 2007 г.

Free Pet Stuff

A Free Pet Stuff or companion animal is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment, as opposed to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or sport animals, which are kept for economic reasons Free Pet Stuff. The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song. Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits; keeping pets has been shown to help relieve stress Free Pet Stuff. There is now a medically-approved class of "therapy animals," mostly dogs, who are brought to visit confined humans Free Pet Stuff. Walking a dog can provide both the owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction Free Pet Stuff.

Koko the gorilla is one of few examples of a non-human animal which has had an explicit pet. Using sign language, she requested a cat; her first pet was a kitten named All Ball, to which she was reported to be quite attached and mourned for several days after the cat escaped and was killed by a car Free Pet Stuff.

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